Hello World!

May 04, 2020

Hello World!

Hello World! I’m Stacey, nice to meet you. I’ve finally decided to build a personal website using GatsbyJS and Netlify.

So far, I’m impressed. I love this ability to write blog posts in markdown and upload them to github.

Eventually I’d like to explore writing more code on this site. One of my first introductions to programming, when I was just a little girl, was from my father, also a computer programmer. He helped me write my first two programs - a maze in which an error would pop up if your “mouse” went over the walls, and a “Mr. potato head”-ish like app where I could choose faces, eyes, ears and nose to create a custom avatar. Sometimes, for the sheer sentimentality of it, I think about rewriting those apps in javascript.

My daugther is almost five and is obssessed with Roblox. I’m hoping it may someday encourage her to likewise get into development. I always found it… magical.

Till we meet again,

~ Stacey